Our Services

Content Generation

We can develop custom generative models that can generate new content, images, videos, and music.

Task Automation

We can automate repetitive tasks and improve operational efficiency using AI.

A.I. chatbots in Airgapped Environments

We can deploy AI-powered chatbots and personalization algorithms behind your corporate firewall or airgapped environment.

About Us

Our team of expert data scientists and AI engineers work closely with our clients to develop and deploy custom AI solutions.

Collin Paran

Founder & A.I. Solutions Architect

Collin Paran is a seasoned professional with two decades of experience in web application delivery. His extensive background includes roles as a Senior Data Scientist and Manager in two Fortune 500 companies, where he demonstrated his ability to lead and innovate. Since 2014, Collin has been at the forefront of chat application development, and from 2016, he has specialized in building AI-based chat applications, showcasing his proficiency in integrating artificial intelligence with user-friendly interfaces. His expertise doesn't stop there; Collin also holds a deep understanding of Applied Mathematics and Advanced Statistics, which underpins his data-driven approach to problem-solving.

Mark Flint

Founder & Chief Financial Officer

With over 10 years in the financial sector, Mark Flint brings a wealth of expertise to our startup, honed from owning his accounting firm and earning his stripes as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). His previous engagements as a virtual CFO for multiple companies underscore his versatile financial acumen. Mark's entrepreneurial spirit and strategic approach promise robust financial leadership, steering our venture towards sustainable success.

Chris Woolley

Founder & Chief Legal Officer

Chris Woolley is a seasoned Senior Data and Systems Engineer with a rich background in the aerospace industry and federal contracting space. With over seven years of experience in the aviation industry, Chris has honed his skills in the testing, analysis, and implementation of both manned and unmanned aircraft systems. Since 2020, he has been instrumental in building data pipelines for supervised and unsupervised models, demonstrating his proficiency in advanced data engineering. Beyond his technical expertise, Chris is also a certified lawyer, a member of the Virginia Bar, which adds a unique perspective to his problem-solving approach.